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My Swing sets are 100% custom made for your children.



My story.........

  I started making swing sets in the late 90's for my children.  As time passed, the back yard swing sets started taking off with great demand.  I would get more and more people asking for one of my hand crafted sets for their own yard. 

  I started small and try my best to remain just as small to better serve each and every child like they are my own.   Initially, I only offered a few selections and learned real soon, that every child has a different idea of what their set should look like.  That is when I found my calling.  I make every set just for that child.  Each family gets to pick every detail of there own set.  This has become such a hit with the youngsters and their families, that people enjoy the freedom of selecting the details and options of their set, or telling me how they want their play set built.  You really have to love the way kids feel about their toys.  It's kind of like a mom and her house.  It's theirs for the making.  

  Well, it's short and sweet, but it is just that.  I found my calling making the young children of the greater Puget Sound happy with the best hand crafted swing sets, and forts that I can offer.    

About the Sets.........

  Your Set is handcrafted and tailored to your yard.   I use only 100% true lumber to make the set.  I set the forts in concrete for a stable footing to withstand the kids hard play. 

  The sets are constructed with quality swing beams and anchoring systems, so you do not have to worry.  The railings and decking are constructed with true 2"x4" and 2"x6".  The swing beams are 4"x6" with through anchores.  The support posts are 4"x4" and are also set in a concrete footing.   All materials that have ground contact are treated with a 50 year preservative.  The rest of the set will need to be maintained by you, just like the exterior of your home. 

  Your set will last a lifetime of swinging with all the best memories that your children deserve.


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