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My Swing sets are 100% custom made for your children.



Frequently Asked Questions

  I have had several questions over the years.  Below is a compiled list of some of my most frequently asked questions.  You may have more questions than what is answered below so, please feel free to follow up with any additional questions via email:




How long does it take to schedule a date and build a set?

Depending on the season,  I can schedule you within a couple of weeks.  Spring and summer months book quickly.  I serve my customers on a first come basic.  I do Birthday sets and have customers that have planed for months. So please call well in advance for a specific date.   I usually have a spot or two open every week so I can get you in fairly fast.   Remember they are handcrafted and that does not happen overnight.  It will take some planing on both our parts.


Do I mail a play set?

I am sorry,  I do not mail them.   It would take away from the customized set for your yard.  I do travel around so it doesnt hurt to ask. 


What type of wood do you use?

The Set's are made from Cedar,  and Doug Fir.  All the lumber is #1 and better.  The shake roofs are from #2 and under.


What should I put under the set?

That really depends on what you are budgeting for?  Play bark and pee gravel can get spendy.  If you are just using a set for standard play with your kids,  Grass is the best and cheapest way to go.

Grass will not hold up to a bunch of kids playing on a set!  something to consider when deciding. 


How Will the set hold up to my kids?

I have a very hard time answering that question for clients.  My set will be just fine for just about any child. But an ax and a lighter will take the set down fairly fast.  You know your kids best is a good answer.


I have a sloped yard, small yard?

I can work with just about any yard type.  The rule of thumb is if you can walk the slope I can build some-type of a set for you.  If you have to get out rock climbing gear?  maybe we should look at finding a nice park for the kids.  I haven't found a yard that is to small.  If you look at my pictures you will see a play house that is set between 2 houses.  Very tight but very nice.


What if I have a septic?

More times than not that is the best location to put a Set.  It will be just fine.  Unless you need to dig the drain feald out.  then we would have to move the set.  But that is a small deal in the long run.


How much does a Set cost?

The sets will start under $1000 and go up from there.  Remember that you pick every detail to control what the set will cost.   you don't need to pay for things that you will not use.   unlike the other sets out there.  Contact me for a full price quote for your set. I do not have hidden fees of any kind.  When I give you your price that is what it is.  Unless you decide to add to the set during install. 


Why should I buy a Custom set from you?

When you buy one of my Custom Sets,  Not only is it handcrafted to your family and yard,  you are buying a local product that will provide stability to your community.  A handcrafted Sam's set is built to last for years of play.  You get to pick how your set is put together,  what kind of cutouts are in the rails.  It is going to be a one of a kind in your yard.  Best of all you are dealing with me.  I have all the answers and can help every step of the way.   If you would like i can come to your home to help design the set before we even set a date for install. 

10. Warranty... information.

The sets come with a guaranty on the plastic toys..  They are warrantied by the manufacture and will be subject to the discretion of myself and the manufacturer...

The hand crafted sets are wood..  you can expect weathering, checking, cracks, splinters, and wood deterioration over time if maintenance is not done on the sets..

I do not warrant the doors or hardware of the doors as kids are tuff on working doors even in your home..  you can expect to preform door maintenance yearly to keep it working properly..   The doors will be in working order when the set is built and will be usable when the kids take over..  I have found that kids can bend the doors within a day or two without proper care from them..  Let them know not to hang on it or slam the doors as this will make it stick and not work properly..   

I do offer a one year warranty on the sets..  I hold the right to refuse warranty work if I deem the problem not of my craftsmanship.. but to actually be lack of maintenance or proper care of the sets..